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Talk Nation Radio: Lisa Simeone on How the TSA Trains Us in Complete Obedience

Published December 23, 2013
Topics TSA

Listen to this show and you may not think of air travel the same way again. Lisa Simeone runs the civil liberties watchdog site TSA News Blog, where she and her writers keep track of the abuses of the Transportation Security Administration.  Simeone has
been working in public radio and print for 30 years. She has hosted
NPR's All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, and Performance Today,
also the independent documentary series Soundprint. She's written book
reviews and op-eds for the Baltimore Sun and now writes on a variety of
subjects for Style Magazine. In 2011, she was fired by Soundprint and
blacklisted by NPR for her involvement in the Occupy movement. She
managed to hang on to two radio gigs and continues her lifelong
political activism.

Producer David Swanson


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